Otaku More Interested in who Dog is Reincarnation of Rather Than Own Family Tree

NEWARK, NJ — Local otaku Ben Fields, 19, is more interested in finding out who his pet dog is a reincarnation of rather than his own family tree, according to a Facebook post made by his disappointed parents.

“Both sides of our family tree are filled with people who have made a difference and are fascinating individuals to learn about,” said Ben’s father, Ryan. “But Ben for some reason just ignores that and wants to know who our dog is a reincarnation of, despite being a self-proclaimed atheist.”

“It was cute when Ben was a kid obsessed with the family dog — it led to a lot of cute pictures for Facebook and the family photo album,” said Ben’s mother, Sara. “But now it is just sad and disturbing when he speculates which historical figure our dog Leo was in a previous life. Especially while Leo is licking his own crotch.”

While his parents are disappointed by Ben’s priorities, Ben remains dedicated to discovering who Leo is a reincarnation of.

“I originally thought due to how regal Leo is he could be a reincarnation of King Arthur, but then I remembered King Arthur is a girl,” explained Ben. “From how he barks at neighbors I’m getting a warrior kind of vibe, even though it sounds pretty cute.”

While Ben focused his attention on discovering the legendary warrior his dog is a reincarnation of, his grandmother shared her own perspective on the matter with Anime Maru .

“Young people don’t have time to focus on family history, I’m sure they have much more important things in their own lives,” said Ben’s grandmother, Mayu Maeda. “Of course, we do have a long and illustrious family tree. Did you know our family are actually descendants of Oda Nobunaga?”

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