Otaku Protest Against RWBY Being Included on Crunchyroll


SAN FRANCISCO, CA– A large sweaty crowd of men have camped outside Crunchyroll headquarters with a simple demand: pull the critically acclaimed RWBY from the website. The group claims that the series should not be considered an anime, and therefore shouldn’t be hosted on an anime streaming site. For two days protesters have kept a vigilant watch over Crunchyroll’s offices, effectively holding its employees hostage inside.

“We won’t let them leave until our demands are met!” The protest’s ringleader, Andrew Hampfield, told the press, “If we start calling this travesty an anime, then we might as well give up on our culture as a whole!”

Anonymous reports have revealed dire conditions inside the office itself.

“They’ve let us order chinese food,” A Crunchyroll employee tweeted, “But they always steal the dumplings before the rest is brought up to us. We’re still getting paid overtime though, so at least there’s that.”

This protest has begun to affect other stream services. Netflix has already moved RWBY into their documentary section, hoping that it will remain hidden from the eyes of otaku. Other sites have taken a different approach and renamed the series Spice and Wolf III to disguise it as a legitimate anime.

But there are some that aren’t afraid to stand up against this hivemind of neckbeards. “It’s as much an anime as Touhou Project, Avatar, Kappa Mikey, Doctor Who, or anything that people sell or cosplay as at anime conventions. Anything can be an anime if you warp the definition enough,” an anonymous RWBY cosplayer told Anime Maru.

Others have brought up the RWBY manga, citing it as definitive proof of the series being an ‘anime’. If we include western properties that have been adapted into manga as ‘anime’, then Spider-Man is one of the most successful anime franchises.

Purists like Hampfield still have not been dissuaded, “The rules for what is and isn’t anime were set long ago, they don’t change. As long as Crunchyroll keeps supplying us with free dumplings, we’ll be staying right where we are.”

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