Otaku Shocked to Find Student Council Boring

LARAMIE, WY — Local high school student and otaku Harper Brown has reportedly found membership on the high school student council to be boring, according to a recent TikTok video. The student claims that she had originally joined the student council excited to see what would unfold there.

“The student council sucks ass, this place is deadass boring,” said Brown in her TikTok video. “Where is the romance and hot boys? We are just sitting here going through some kind of agenda related to school happenings and other crap.”

Anime Maru reached out to other members of the student council for their opinions.

“I’m just in this to have something to put on my college application, I think they like people being on stuff,” said member Richard Jordan. “Though if you have any leads on something I could use for a college essay on adversity I’ve overcome, feel free to send me a Snap.”

“No, I don’t know of any super rich, smart and hot people on the student council. Why would you ask that?”  said student council secretary Brian Cardomone. “Although we do pride ourselves on being the 8th best public high school in all of Wyoming.”

The club advisor gave us some perspective on what the student council is like in its daily activities.

“We usually get a good group of kids each year, although sometimes we get some of those student council otaku types,” said teacher and advisor Brett Jones. “They often try to get resolutions passed where the school starts a fighting tournament or that students should be able to gamble away their freedom. The only one I really felt sorry for was the one with the puppet.”

Update: School officials have announced Brown has been removed from the student council for the use of the word “ass” in her TikTok video, recorded during a meeting, and the large amount of Boy Love scans found on the student council computer. This brought to an end her two hour stint as a member.

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