“Other” Completes Dramatic Sweep of Crunchyroll Anime Awards

LOS ANGELES, CA — The capacity crowd was reduced to a stunned silence as various write-in candidates completed a shocking sweep of the categories at the second annual Crunchyroll Awards. After the inaugural awards cemented itself in history as testament to the combined powers of basic bitches worldwide, industry experts expected a critical reaction this year. None however, could predict what transpired tonight at the Ricardo Montalban Theater.

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“Voters this year seem to have adopted a ‘scorched earth’ mentality — if their picks could not win, then none could,” Vince Morrison of Otaku Daily told Anime Maru.

The end result? The free-response option “other” scored decisive victories in nearly every category.

During voting rounds, users reportedly did not hesitate to express their bitterness regarding last year. A vast majority of the ballots are joke responses, with an unusually high number containing homophobic slurs.

An official response from Crunchyroll reports that “dramatic changes will be made” to curb such behavior in the future, reiterating the fact that the Crunchyroll Anime Awards are “serious and should absolutely be taken 100% seriously.”

Despite the unbelievable outcome — which saw The Boss Baby crowned Best Film and Pingu in the City named Anime of the Year — fans are generally satisfied with the results.

“It took some compromise, but I think the results are deserving,” a message on the Crunchyroll forums reads. “It’s better than letting Boku no Hero Academia win anything.”

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