Over $12 Million in Counterfeit JPEGs Confiscated by Authorities

San Diego, CA – San Diego authorities reported seizing a large quantity of illegal JPEGs in an anti-narcotics operation over the weekend. The bundles of counterfeit JPEGs included many copies of rare and sought after images from popular games such as Fate/Grand Order and Love Live! School Idol Festival. The street price for the confiscated images is estimated to be a total of about $12 million.

Such occurrences have become increasingly common as demand for JPEGs has risen while drop rates have remained low. With the rates being too low to keep up with demand, many have turned to alternative means to get their JPEG fix of cute girls and genderbent historical figures. More black market dealers have begun moving into the sale of illicit JPEGs over the last few months as the trade started to become very lucrative.

“Illegal JPEGs currently stand as a great threat to the well being of our country’s youth,” stated Micheal Grendwall of the California Department of Justice. “Their additive nature consume the desires and minds of the individuals who get involved with them. It is imperative that we keep them off the streets before the effects become even more damaging to the public.”

The result of harder crackdowns on possession of addictive JPEGs has led to explosion in incarceration rates. Prison capacities have hit their limit as legal systems struggle to keep up with the increase in arrests.

“These people don’t need prison; they need help,” stated Lisa Franklin of the San Diego Drug Rehabilitation Society. “Arresting addicts does nothing to solve the overall issue. Once many people get out, they often just go right back to doing their dailies. Individuals under the influence of gacha need recovery programs that can help them get back on the right track of overcoming their addition and getting back to playing real games again.”

For now, JPEG addition has continued to remain an issue for major American cities. We attempted to message San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer about his thoughts on the issue to which he replied with a suggestion to check out his character in Granblue Fantasy.

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