Over 20 Years Later, People Can Finally Watch ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ for the First Time

The original run of the classic anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion finally made its way onto the Netflix streaming service today. Anime fans were excited to know that they finally get a chance to watch the iconic anime, or at least many would be if they hadn’t already seen the series by now through other means.

The development is a clear win for Netflix in the competitive video streaming service landscape. Evangelion is a massively popular franchise whose long lasting popularity clearly has had nothing to do with people having seen the show before.

One of the most well known anime of all time, western anime fans have long been frustrated that there was simply no method of watching it. Millions of anime fans are eager to experience the show for the first time, so they can finally understand all the analyses of the show and to complain about how annoying Shinji acts.

“I absolutely love Evangelion, I remember that I wrote my senior paper in high school as a psychoanalysis of various characters in the show,” long time anime fan Travis Grant told Anime Maru. “I am so glad I will finally be able to watch the show.”

Joining the original episodes of Evangelion on Netflix will also be the two related films – Death & Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. Death & Rebirth, retitled as DEATH (TRUE)² in order to seem edgy, is known as an exciting continuation of the television run of the series consisting of entirely new content. The End of Evanglelion, as the name implies, is the final conclusion to the franchise with no other Evangleion related anime following it, giving absolutely no reason for fans to have to look anywhere other than Netflix.

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