Overflowing Dumpster Mistaken For Latest ‘Kanojo mo Kanojo’ Episode

PITTSBURGH, PA – A shameless public display of trash, previously thought to have been a new episode of Kanojo mo Kanojo, has been discovered to have actually been an overfilled dumpster. The pile of garbage, seen in an empty lot behind an industrial center, initially confused witnesses due to its similarities to the anime series.

“I was on my way home and saw in the corner of my eye just this heaping pile of trash,” recalled Kyle Frey, who was the first to spot the dumpster. “Being one who appreciates culture, naturally I pulled over to take a look. Once I got closer, I swear that it felt exactly like I was watching Kanojo mo Kanojo.”

Other witnesses agreed that the dumpster bared a striking resemblance to the series in that it accumulated new garbage every week and was relatively worthless. Many also commented on how it appeared to have been crammed with trash beyond a point which would be considered reasonable.

“The longer I stared at it, the more I began to question why I was watching it in the first place,” local resident Nathan Crosby told our correspondent. “At one point several seagulls landed on top of it and began fighting over a container of old french fries. That was probably highlight of the whole thing.”

As viewers gathered to watch throughout the day, doubts began to emerge as to whether the pile of garbage actually was Kanojo mo Kanojo. One witness pointed out that the collection of garbage contained more variety and was far less predictable than a typical episode. Others noted that the structure of the container itself was actually quite solid and wasn’t riddled with holes or lazily patched together.

“I guess it makes sense that it’s not a new episode, though it really is a shame. For a second I thought the series was really starting to improve,” Frey added.

By mid-afternoon, a truck arrived at the scene leading remaining viewers the speculate that the dumpster might actually be an isekai, though it was soon discovered to be a city garbage truck only there to collect the refuse for disposal.

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