Petition Calls for Theory of ‘Heaven’s Design Team’ to be Taught in the Science Classroom

A petition circulating on social media is calling for the theory of Heaven’s Design Team to be taught alongside evolution in science classrooms, according to a Facebook post shared by otaku cousins nationwide.

“We ask that schools everywhere recognize the empirically valid fact that there is a creator to this world,” said Doctor (of philosophy) William Edward. “And as with any creator, a team of assistants is needed to do most of the real work. That is where the theory of Heaven’s Design Team helps to explain the origins of the world’s lifeforms.”

Anime fans on Twitter had varied opinions on this potential change to school science curriculum.

“I think if you added anime to it I might actually be able to pass science class and finish my college degree here,” said Facebook user Al Stone.

“I used to like intelligent design, as all good art has a creator,” said a Reddit user calling themselves Goddess_of_Manga.

“But with the world as it is, with ridiculous shit that keeps happening, doesn’t it make some sense that God is really just a closet mangaka who has run out of ideas?”

We also talked to scientists on Twitter on their opinions on the controversy, or at least to users with Twitter handles that included the word “doctor”.

“We should teach the controversy. What could wrong teaching students things that are not based on any actual evidence?” asked Twitter user DoctorMonsterGirl. “People can decide for themselves what to believe, according to that one Attack on Titan meme I saw the other day.”

We reached out to the Department of Education on this topic and while they refused to comment on the recommendation of adding the theory of Heaven’s Design Team to the K-12 curriculum, they did voice support for every gym class teaching the Naruto run.

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