Pokemon Sun and Moon Boosts Tourism to the Alola Region



Today the Alolan tourism board announced that the region’s tourism has nearly tripled ever since the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which feature Alola as their setting.

“Alola was always a fairly popular tourist spot for its sunny beaches, lush jungles and inexplicably snowy mountain, but ever since the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon we’ve had more tourists than ever,” said a representative of the Alola tourism board. “Lately we’re even reaching numbers comparable to major destinations like Lumiose City. Our customs staff have gotten so busy, we’ve had to limit local residents to one new passport photo a week!”

“People want to make pilgrimages to all the spots they recognize from the games, and we’ve set up lots of great photo spots all over the islands. Some tourists even make their way out to more obscure locations like Poke Pelago and the Aether Foundation, even the Festival Plaza, which is weird because none of the locals have any idea where that thing is even located.”

“One annoying thing though is that everyone wants to meet Lillie. I guess no one paid attention, but Lillie moved to Kanto and we haven’t heard from her since. We all miss her just as much as you do, though. I guess some people who’ve only seen the anime think that she still lives here, but the anime tends to just make things up, and frankly they got Lillie’s character all wrong too.”

The champion of Alola was unable to be reached for comment for this article, as he was reportedly riding around in a circle on a Tauros.

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