Pokemon Sun and Moon Revealed to be Pachinko Game


LOS ANGELES, CA — Hundreds of journalists who attended Nintendo’s presentation at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) earlier today, along with thousands viewing the livestream online, reacted with stunned silence when Nintendo officials revealed that the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon was in fact a new line of pachinko machines.

Nintendo showed off gameplay footage of Pokemon Sun and Moon during its Treehouse presentation, and the crowd predictably cheered during the introduction featuring various clips of Pokemon set to the familiar theme song. However, when footage abruptly cut to brightly flashing lights and shots of metal balls bouncing around, the previously enthusiastic crowd turned silent.

“I think some people started crying,” Daniel Stolleberg of Game Informer told Anime Maru.

As the crowd in attendance jeered loudly and started throwing objects, Nintendo officials also announced a new “Pokemon Hunting” mode, which will allow players to compare their pachinko high scores from any machine in Japan.

Conference organizers reported that the mass of people exited the Los Angeles Convention Center so quickly that the hallways quickly became jammed and caused a fire hazard. “We haven’t had a rush to get out this big since the Battlefield 1 reveal.”

“Should we have been a bit more forthcoming that we were planning a new pachinko game all along? Maybe, but we wanted to surprise people,” Nintendo representative Toyoshiro Sakai told the few reporters who remained. “After all, the stuff we put out so far never said that Sun and Moon weren’t pachinko games.”

When asked to comment about fans’ reaction to the announcement, Sakai responded: “Well then they’re not gonna like our Legend of Zelda announcement later.”

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