Police: Officer Jenny Meant to Draw Poké Ball, Not Handgun

Officer Jenny, who shot a Squirtle in Viridian City, inadvertently pulled out her handgun instead of a Poké Ball, police said.

The incident occurred when Officer Jenny initially stopped the Squirtle for wearing “dark tinted sunglasses”. When the Squirtle panicked and attempted to flee, the officer quickly drew her firearm, firing once. The Squirtle succumbed to its wounds moments later.

The Viridian City police chief described the incident as an “accidental discharge”, claiming that the officer intended to catch the Pokémon with a Poké Ball, not use her firearm. No statement has yet been given as to how a gun could be confused with a spherical object of significantly different weight and construction.

Activists have decried the excessive use of force and called for major reform within law enforcement following the incident. Many argued that there was no need for officers to be so heavily armed in the first place considering the city’s history of crime mainly consisting of cartoonish villains whose attempts are thwarted by mere children.

The Viridian City Police Department assured the public that the events that occurred were simply due to gross incompetence rather than deliberate ill intent. Officer Jenny has since been temporarily suspended with pay while the situation continues to be investigated.

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