Popular ‘Gun Gale Online’ Character Utters Racist Word in Recent Episode

An emotional Kohirumaki Karen, known by her screen name LENN, has issued an apology after uttering a racial slur during the most recent episode of Gun Gale Online. In the anime, watched by thousands around the world, LENN went on an expletive-ridden tirade after being hit at long range by a sniper shot.

In an official statement on her streaming channel, LENN apologized for her usage of the n-word and characterized the incident as a “heated gaming moment”.

The past 24 hours have been difficult for LENN, after multiple sponsors have ended their relationships with the popular anime character in response to the incident. Commentors have renewed speculation as to why popularly spectated games seem to attract these kind of personalities.

This is not the first time LENN has courted controversy; she has been known to lose her temper during episodes of Gun Gale Online, especially in response to competitors who gain an upper hand by playing against her while watching the anime on Crunchyroll. The self-styled “two-time Tatsuya video game champion” has also been previously banned from the game for intentionally killing a teammate.

In spite of this, LENN and her shrinking legion of fans have pleaded for forgiveness — admitting that while LENN might be racist in the game, she is not racist in real life.


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