Popular Science Magazine Bans ‘Moe Denialists’

Moe skeptics also protested outside the Popular Science offices

Moe skeptics also protested outside the Popular Science offices

NEW YORK, NY – Popular Science magazine has announced a ban on all submissions denying the effects of moe on anime culture. “We simply cannot continue to serve as a platform for the bad science pushed by moe denialists,” the editors wrote.

However, when pressed for specifics, the editors were unable to provide an accurate account of what exactly they were banning. “See, we aren’t even sure exactly what moe means,” an editor who wished to remain anonymous told Anime Maru, “but we are pretty sure it’s that whole cuteness thing… You know what I mean, right? I can’t define it exactly but that whole shy, demure attitude… Or maybe it’s the clothes? Seriously, we have no clue.”

So what exactly would be banned? “Oh, we recognize moe denialism when we see it,” the editor said. “It’s mostly those people who think anime doesn’t suck now. What the hell is wrong with them?”

Meanwhile, Japanese riot police continues to clash with protesters in Akiba following Japan’s new law banning so-called “weeb comments” on social media.

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