Popularity of Wake Up, Girls! Explodes After Changing Name to “Wake Up, Blockchain!”


The popularity of the voice acting idol unit Wake Up, Girls! has exploded overnight after the group changed its name to “Wake Up, Blockchain!”, according to a survey conducted by Mantan Web earlier this week.

The group formerly known as WUG joins a long list of organizations — from beverage companies to clothing manufacturers — that have re-branded themselves after announcing they were pivoting to bitcoin technology. Similar to how shares of Long Island Iced Tea Corp. rose by over 200 percent after similarly changing its name, sources claim that enrollment in the WUBC official fan club has risen tenfold this week.

Tickets to their performance at Anime Jam later this month have become hot commodities, going for tens of thousands of yen on the secondary market. Merchandise previously left untouched and forgotten in anime goods stores have quickly sold out nationwide.

“Damn, I wish I could have gotten into bitcoin back in 2013 — I’d be rich,” said new WUBC fan Sanjay Narayan. “Why couldn’t I have known about them back then?”

In her weekly radio show, WUBC member Tanaka Minami told listeners that the group will “focus on exploring innovative bitcoin exchange technologies and partnering with new upstarts in the cryptocurrency industry,” whatever that means. “Ume-nya!” she concluded.

While the sudden spike in popularity benefits the group and the careers of its seven members, not all fans feel positively about the sudden change.

“Great, now it will be impossible to see them live thanks to the thousands of bitcoin secondaries who didn’t even know about the girls until they got involved in cryptocurrency,” longtime WUBC fan Moriagi Ito tells Anime Maru. “It’s all a bunch of fake bandwagon fans; we’re turning into Love Live.”

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