Portillo’s Reveals New ‘Darling in the Franks’ Hot Dogs

Portillo’s, a Chicago-based chain primarily known for its hot dogs, announced that it has begun to roll out a promotion for a new food item based on the popular anime Darling in the FranXX. The new frankfurter, going by the name ‘Darling in the Franks’, will be available for limited time at select Portillo’s locations.

The new item features color themed red and blue ketchup on top of a hot dog composed of various byproducts from other sources, much like the series. In the spirit of the show, each ‘Darling in the Franks’ hot dog will come with a frankfurter nestled suggestively within a sesame seed bun glazed with honey.

“We are excited to offer this limited edition menu item in collaboration with Darling in the FranXX,” stated Portillo’s regional manager Don Sheffield. “At first we were uncertain how well a collaboration would work, but Trigger fans and fast food consumers actually have a lot in common. Namely, they are both so hungry that they frantically gobble up almost anything they can get. This partnership frankly worked out great for us.”

Food critics have described the new hot dog as visually intriguing though ultimately unfulfilling upon actually eating it. Despite the reception, the hot dogs have quickly become one of Portillo’s fastest selling items with customers lining up out the door of many locations in order to get a chance to try it themselves.

“I’m not entirely sure why I’m here to be honest,” admitted one customer in line at a Portillo’s location in Rockford, Illinois. “But everyone else was making a big deal over it so I figured I would try it out.”

“I’m just here ironically,” stated another man in line. “The hot dog doesn’t even look very good, but it gives me something to post about online at least.”

The promotion has been enough of a success for the restaurant chain to consider additional food items based on the series. At several test locations, Portillo’s trialed the ‘Ichigo Chopped Salad’, a salad consisting of mixed greens and strawberries with an extra salty dressing. At press time, Portillo’s stated it would be discontinuing the salad due to overwhelmingly poor reception.

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