Pre-orders Open for Life-Sized Replica of Zero Two’s Tongue

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Figurex, in collaboration with Studio Trigger, announced this week that a life-sized model of Zero Two’s tongue from the currently airing Darling and the FranXX is now available for pre-order. Despite only a few episodes having been aired at the time of the announcement, the show’s main heroine, Zero Two, has proven very popular with fans. Now fans will be able to collect the main focal point of Zero Two’s body: her tongue!

More than a dozen variations at various scales of Zero Two’s tongue are available for purchase, including various keychains.

“For the last decade, only Simon’s drill really worked as a keychain,” series director Hiroyuki Imaishi told Anime Maru. “Now Zero Two’s tongue also works perfectly as an item to put adjacent to your treasured pocket goods.”

The Zero Two tongue keychain is immediately available for just 1700 yen. For an extra 400 yen, it can be salivated up by a local Trigger beauty before it ships.

Other highlights of Zero Two’s mouth-inspired memorabilia that is available include an anatomically correct copy of Zero Two’s jaw and tongue, a bag of Zero Two tongue gummies in a honey flavor, and a lacrosse stick with the net replaced with a monster-sized 13-inch tongue.

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