Production I.G. to Release ‘Calvinball’ Anime Until There’s Enough Material for Haikyuu!! Season 3

Haikyuu CalvinballTOKYO, Japan — Production I.G. struck an oil vein when they began adapting the already-popular Haikyuu!! manga in 2014. The second season of the anime has cemented the franchise in the upper echelons of the sports drama, but manga readers have been reluctantly letting anime-only viewers that there’s not nearly enough of the manga left for a season 3 to happen any time soon. Sports anime have been Production I.G.’s bread and butter in recent seasons, and fans have been keen to know what the accomplished studio will be doing while more Haikyuu!! gets written.

In an interesting turn of events, Production I.G. announced today that they would be producing a semi-original anime based off of ‘Calvinball’, the fictional sport sometimes featured in Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, which was published from 1985-1995. This appears to be a large step for the Production Company, because although they have garnered a notable reputation in Japan, Calvin and Hobbes appeals almost entirely to a western audience of a very narrow age group – something that’s not necessarily a winning formula for Japanese anime.

Curious for more information regarding the production process that the studio is planning to take for this endeavor, we attempted to contact Production I.G. The production staff is currently being kept under tight wraps, but a Production I.G. representative told Anime Maru today that the company as a whole is very excited for “a shift in not only pace but presentation, as we believe the premise of ‘Calvinball’ will provide the director and writers with a lot of creative freedom.” The representative was likely referencing the fact that the only rule in ‘Calvinball’ is to follow the rules that the players make up on a whim.

カールビんボール:Calvinball! Is set to air this coming fall.

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