Prog Rock Idol Group TYO to Release 22 Minute Single About Wind Farms

TOKYO, Japan — Today the idol group TYO announced that their debut single will be released on March 3rd. The single, titled “The Windfarms of Neo Mars”, tells the story of a group of Martian farmers in the year 2112 who must defend their livelihood against an antagonistic corporation called the “Mars Mining Company” that threatens to destroy their farms and take the land they stand on for themselves. According to sources close to TYO, the song lasts for an astounding 22 minutes, which the group’s three members perform without a single break.

According to TYO’s founder and center, 22-year-old Mayumi Lee, the story far-flung sci-fi epic is meant to represent, in her words, “The clash between keeping traditional forms of work alive and run by the people, and the gigantic companies that threaten their existence”. The sort of heady lyrical themes, as well as the 3-member group’s space-age stage attire, have attracted much attention ahead of TYO’s official stage debut later this month.

“We really wanted to create a new type of idol music that focuses on real issues, but envisioned through the lens of science fiction and progressive rock,” said group member Yukio Amyia.

“When Baby Metal first hit the scene ten years ago, they were seen as a novelty act, but it’s 2020 and they’re more popular than ever! We’re the same way, our music isn’t a gimmick and we want to prove it.”

The group will make their live stage debut later this month, on February 14th, at which they will play the entirety of their upcoming album in a three hour show.

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