Psycho Pass 2 Mercifully Ends After 11 Episodes


As the episodes dragged on and the anime became more and more erratic, viewers began to despair. But anime fans around the world breathed a sigh of relief after Psycho Pass 2 finally ceased airing after 11 episodes.

Throughout the season-long ordeal, many viewers have managed to escape the poorly-written, irreverent dumpster of an anime, but several people were reportedly still subject to literary torture until this week.

“I was so scared. I was confused. It all happened so suddenly,” one viewer recalled. “I didn’t know if I was going to make it out alive.”

Judging by the length of the first season, it was speculated by many that Psycho Pass 2 would be as many as 26 episodes long. However, as the show quickly disintegrated into a scrambled mess of uninteresting characters, exploitative violence, and stilted storytelling, officials feared for the worst.

“I never thought it would end,” another victim tearfully admitted to Anime Maru.

Authorities have set up services to help victims overcome this tragedy, but for many it is too late. Experts say that the multiple ineffective scenes juxtaposed with classical music, a pretentiously confusing climax, and a generally immature approach to narrative can cause permanent damage to unprotected viewers.

Psycho Pass 2 is a stain that might never come off, but I have to get over this and live out the rest of my life,” a survivor tells Anime Maru. “Now I’m on to Aldnoah.Zero 2 next season.”

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