‘Psycho-Pass 2’ Plot Eliminated After Exceeding Crime Coefficient


“Target Crime Coefficient is 344.6, enforcement mode is lethal eliminator. Target will be completely elimina-” the Dominator stated before being interrupted by the Enforcer firing the weapon.

The Ministry of Welfare Public Safety Bureau, Anime Investigation Department announced earlier this week that a team of Enforcers and Inspectors have eliminated the plot of Psycho-Pass 2. According to official statements, the Sibyl System determined that the plot of Psycho-Pass 2 constituted a crime against society.

“The ridiculous writing in the current season of Psycho-Pass, featuring stilted dialogue, dull characters, and gratuitous gore is a threat to our society and must be eliminated,” said Department Chief Kunizaki Junichi. “The anime will finish the season without a plot. Admittedly, most will struggle to notice a difference.”

“Shitty anime plots will not be tolerated by this department,” Chief Kunizaki stated at the end of his press conference. “Watch out, Hitsugi no Chaika, you’re next,”

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