Rapelay Steam Release Announced at E3


LOS ANGELES, CA– Earlier this week, Illusion celebrated its first E3 press conference. The developer gained noteriety for making such endearing titles as Oppai Slider 2, Artificial Girl 3, and everyone’s favorite Battle Raper II: The Game.

In the highly-anticipated press conference, Illusion showed previews for their September 11th release of Sexy Beach Premium Resort, which was met with much fanfare from the hairy mammals in the front row. But the real jewel of Illusion’s presentation was their announcement of Rapelay: Steam Edition.

Rapelay met much controversy from the UK after parents found their kids with the incest porn game. While the publisher was initially confused at what could have sparked this misunderstanding, Illusion believes that audiences in the West are now fully lubed up for Steam’s release of Rapelay.

This new Steam edition boasts of new multiplayer features, allowing Steam players to spice things up with a new player. Illusion has also added a wide variety of achievements, badges, and trading cards for the Steam community to wank over endlessly. Mods over Steam Workshop will also be supported, Illusion announced, and because paid mods have been phased out, Steam Workshop mods will be generally legal to own and exchange.

Now that Illusion has opened the doors for the eroge genre, the future may hold such wonders as a worldwide release of the Rance series, a 3DS remake of Sagara Family, or perhaps Wanko to Kurasou for the Xbox One.

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