Recently Fired Man Now Getting More Into Anime

Anime fan Elon Musk has recently started getting more into anime after being forced to step down from his job last month. This news surprised the world, who could not fathom the idea of a man who recently lot his job being into anime.

“Love Your Name,” tweeted Musk on October 14, linking to an English subtitled trailer for Your Name on YouTube. “It is time to create a mecha,” he said in another tweet. These tweets attracted attention from both news outlets and anime licensing companies, who marveled at the uniqueness of an anime fan who liked Your Name and wanted mecha to exist.

Further developments from the Twitter account of this newly unemployed anime fan including him liking weed, owning a chibi Wolverine toy, making video game references, and preferring Twitter and Reddit to Instagram. Rumors have spread that he may have even recently broken up with his girlfriend.

Perhaps even more shocking than all of this, Musk’s opinions on Makoto Shinkai were almost immediately criticized by a man who hasn’t left his room for months, who moaned about anime becoming mainstream.

Despite his passion and fervor for anime, at press time Musk still claimed that buying anime Blu-Rays was too expensive for him.

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