Registered Sex Offender Found to be Working as Maid

TOKYO, JAPAN — Prefectural police reported this week that they had arrested ex-JSDF member and registered sex offender Tsubame Kamoi after she had been masquerading as a maid for over a month. Reportedly, Kamoi had been attempting to bury her past allegations by offering housekeeping services. Kamoi took up the role of a maid for a local family in an attempt to dodge authorities before ultimately being apprehended.

Kamoi’s history legally barred her from assuming occupations which put her in direct contact with children. Despite so, Kamoi was reported to have knowingly chosen to work in a household containing an elementary school girl.

The father of the family who hired Kamoi, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated that he had no idea of Kamoi’s history. He claimed that he had gone through several housekeepers trying to find someone appropriate for his daughter, with most not staying more than a few days. When he found someone who seemed passionate enough to stay, he mistakenly thought he had finally found the perfect match.

“Who could have guessed that an adult person wearing gym outfit for little children would turn out to be somehow dangerous”, the father of the family stated. “Sure she would chase my daughter around the house sometimes, but I always thought that was just for a silly game. You know how the kids love their gags these days.”

“Well this case was some messed up shit”, one crime investigator commented the situation. “Maids were supposed to be a symbol of purity, but I guess you can’t even trust them now. I sure hope someone doesn’t turn this grim case into a comedy anime or something.”

Authorities have advised the public to perform background checks on any individual seeking to perform work with children. The arrest marks the second major incident to occur this year, following a case where a man attempted to become a coach for an elementary school basketball club.

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