Report: Anime Featuring Guns in a School Environment Somehow Does Not Shock Culture Without Gun Violence Issues

9-16-2014 11-10-20 PM

Though its fourth wall breaking antics claims the frantic gun fights are ” the characters’ imagination”, Sabagebu has nonetheless made a name for itself as one of this season’s most unique anime. The show follows middle schooler Momoka, who is coaxed to join her school’s “survival game club”. And while the comedy anime nominally features nothing higher in caliber than BB guns, Sabagebu pulls no punches in depicting very realistic gun violence in a school setting.

Experts from an unspecified country whose firearms-related homicide rate is 20 times higher than other developed nations watched in disbelief as Sabagebu routinely made slapstick jokes marginally involving gun violence without causing any kind of outrage from its domestic audience.

“What really disgusts me is how the show trivializes guns as toys, as if shooting up your friends is all a game,” read one extensive and detailed critique. The article continued to describe the risk Sabagebu posed to a society where gun ownership rates are fast approaching half of one percent.

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Sabagebu is a flawed anime because it fails to make any kind of poignant statement about the dangers of gun violence and its impact on innocent youth,” read another review, lamenting about the schoolgirl situational comedy which is the product of a nation with two firearm-related homicides in 2006.

“This anime would never be accepted in our country,” the report claims, alluding to the developed nation where school shootings occur more often than the rest of the world combined.

In their official report, the experts concluded that Sabagebu is conclusive proof that Japanese culture glorifies adolescent violence, and that future generations will be invariably raised as cold-blooded killers.

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