Report: Characters in Happiness Charge Precure Named After Strippers


TOKYO – Despite the studio’s efforts to cover up the details of the creative aspects of its scriptwriting process, a report was released this week confirming that the heroines of Toei Animation’s Happiness Charge Precure are named after strippers.  Recalling the incident as a “crazy night at work”, sources at Toei Animation headquarters confirmed the veracity of the report, which states that staff at the Tokyo-based animation studio decided to call exotic dancers while working overnight last December.

“The incident took place during the period Toei Animation scriptwriters were outlining the details of the next Precure show”, the report read in part. “After becoming frustrated with what to name the characters or what theme to adapt in the show, the writers decided to call the nearby entertainment service and call for strippers.”

“The next morning, the staff awoke to find the office in disorder. They also noticed a copious amount of notes scrawled onto their production whiteboard, including the names of the four dancers they hired the night before.”

Happiness Charge Precure is the eleventh installation of the popular magical girl children’s franchise Precure. It features the main characters Cure Lovely, Cure Honey, Cure Fortune, and Cure Princess.

Various first-hand sources describe the party as a bacchanalian affair involving drugs and alcohol. Two sources specifically recall composition lead Narita Yoshimi snorting cocaine off a performer named Fortune.

“[Takahashi] Akira was being totally weird about it too; he started crying and stuff while he was getting a lap dance from Honey,” recalled an anonymous staffer. “The production schedule can really get to you.”

The report continued to state that drug and alcohol use has been a common occurrence at Toei Animation in the past year.  The trend reportedly started during the early episodes of DokiDoki Precure. Attempts to reach Toei Animation for more details have not been successful.

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