Research Confirms: Ur Waifu is Shit

Ur waifu is shit

SAN DIEGO, CA – Groundbreaking new research in the emerging field of Gemu Theory Mathematics has finally confirmed the long existing theory that ur waifu is shit.

The study by the University of California San Diego in collaboration with the University of Tokyo shows that regardless of the choice of character (marked by the variable “W”), the end value will always be less than that of the waifu constant (marked with the Kanji “姫”).

Professor Hiroko Yukai explains: “Each character is assigned various values based on their attributes, looks, behavior, etc. However, our carefully planned waifu constant has never fallen below the level of a certain character’s value. Therefore W < 姫.

“In layman’s terms,” Yukai continued, “ur waifu is shit.”

More importantly, experts believe that these findings support the related hypothesis that ur favorite anime is also shit.

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