Researchers: Time in Hunter X Hunter Will Stop Completely by Episode 150

Hunter x Hunter

GENEVA – Researchers at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have announced the findings of a study into the contraction of space-time in the anime Hunter X Hunter. According to their findings, the pace of the show has slowed so much that by episode 150, time in it will stop completely.

“Once the show hit the Chimera Ant Arc, we noticed increased levels of temporal contraction – the slowing of time,” said team member Professor Thomas Leveaux. “These effects began to compound, and we calculate that episode 150 will be the first one where time stops entirely.”

It is still unclear whether the temporal contraction is a naturally occurring phenomenon or just Yoshihiro Togashi and Studio Madhouse’s way of squeezing the material for more episodes, but Leveaux seems excited about the prospect of finding out. “Aren’t you curious what an episode frozen in time would look like?” He asks. “I just hope it isn’t 20 minutes of that narrator talking. Enough of him already.”

Additionally, there are still unanswered questions about the future of the show. Leveaux admits that opinions are divided: “We can’t figure out what will happen after time stops,” he says. “Some think it might stay that way forever or possibly speed up again. Some of us even theorized that time would start to move backwards so that by episode 300 we will be back at the starting line. It’s actually quite similar to the discussion of the future of the universe!”

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