REVOCS Fashion Show Ends in Disaster As Clothes Come to Life, Eat All Models, Audience

REVOCS Fashion Show

TOKYO — A fashion show sponsored by global conglomerate REVOCS ended in tragedy when the clothing on display came to life and ate all the models and the audience.

Model Fujimura Hajime was strutting down the catwalk wearing one of the dresses from REVOCS’ upcoming summer line when the dress spontaneously grew a mouth and tore into her gut, spilling her innards onto the floor. Backstage turned into a river of blood and gore as various articles of lingerie, furs, skirts and shoes ripped through models at an alarming rate.

Audience members screamed wildly and ran in a panic from the room as their clothes also morphed into monstrous demons that feasted on the life energy of humanity for nourishment.

REVOCS CEO Kiryuuin Ragyo did not respond to requests for comment on this report.

“We at REVOCS are deeply saddened to hear of this terrible event,” said REVOCS spokesperson Takahata Ayumi. “We apologize greatly for any inconvenience this has caused and promise to rectify this in the future.”

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