Richard Sherman Blasts Ikuhara in Heated Pre-Game Interview



PHOENIX, AZ — Outspoken Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has managed to stir controversy over an unexpected topic in the hours before the Super Bowl.

“I’m intelligent enough and capable enough to understand that Yuri Kuma Arashi is pandering garbage,” Sherman stated to reporters in a press conference before the game. The seemingly unprovoked comment was in response to a reporter’s question on final preparations the Seahawks were undergoing for Super Bowl XLIX.

Sherman went on a diatribe for roughly five minutes, panning the works of anime director Ikuhara Kunihiko. Besides expressing his general disapproval for Ikuhara’s often convoluted narrative style, he specifically noted that, “Penguindrum and Utena don’t actually mean anything; it’s just gimmicky bullshit that the everyone gobbles up because it’s supposed to be deep.”

The visibly angry 4-year-veteran also called out both anime bloggers and the NFL, claiming that they “turn a high nose to fanservice and moe pandering but give the blatant eroticism in Yuri Kuma Arashi a free pass.” Sherman also speculated that the Patriots head coach Bill Belicheck and owner Robert Kraft probably enjoy Yuri Kuma Arashi.

“I want to make sure everyone knew Ikuhara is a mediocre director. And when you try to show the best corner in the game shit anime that an overhyped hack like Ikuhara directs, that’s what happens,” Sherman concluded.

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