‘Roblox’ Latest Online Community to Ban Trump’s Account

Roblox announced Monday that it would be joining the dozens of other online platforms to ban President Donald Trump from its platform following the violent riots that shocked the US Capital.

“After evaluating the current situation, we have decided to permanently suspend the DonaldTrump account due to the risk of further incitement of violence and discrimination as prohibited in our Community Rules,” Roblox stated in an official announcement on its website.

Trump has been an avid Roblox player for many years, often known to log onto the game when not out golfing or spreading disinformation on Twitter. This isn’t the first time the President has found controversy on the platform, having been reported numerous times for inflammatory rhetoric and attempting to bypass the game’s chat filter. Roblox has previously been hesitant to fully ban Trump’s account possibly due to his high ranking position and tendency to spend large amount of Robux on in-game bonuses.

With the latest ban, Trump has quickly found himself without an online platform as organizations attempt to distance themselves from the President’s recent actions. An anonymous White House insider claimed that Trump became “furious” when he learned that he would no longer be able to play Roblox.

Soon after his ban, Trump logged onto an alt account and began ranting against the company for “censoring free speech”. The game’s primarily preteen player base seemed mostly confused by the President’s ramblings and didn’t seem to fully understand fundamental constitutional law, much like the President himself.

Roblox, a private company well with its legal right to moderate content on its own platform, said it would block any attempts by Trump to circumvent his ban; the President’s alt account was also removed shortly thereafter.

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