Romanian Town Terrorized by Lights, Explosions in Nearby Forest


SINAIA, Romania — Local authorities still have no leads on the cause or nature of the loud explosions and bright lights reported in the forests within Bucegi National Park over the past few weeks. Investigators have found craters, uprooted trees, and even discarded arrows in the area, leading them to believe some kind of conflict is raging on in the remote forest.

Despite these clues, so far no one has witnessed the source of the commotion, which has invariably happened at night.

“Not a lot of people live in these parts, but it’s pretty surprising that this seemingly major conflict can go on so close to our community with no one seeing it,” local police chief Gheorghe Predoiu told Anime Maru. “I guess when you see flashing lights and hear loud sounds, people aren’t inclined to investigate.”

There have been reports of unfamiliar people appearing in town several weeks ago, leading some to believe they are related to the phenomena. The dozen or so individuals who were seen were strangely dressed and appeared to speak Japanese. Among them, one even received the attention of many of the local men. Most investigators believe these individuals are simply tourists.

A local resident, however, claims that the explosions are caused by mages and their summoned heroic spirits doing battle. Our correspondent was surprised to learn that chuunibyou exists in Romania as well.

Though these events are a curiosity for now, Chief Predoiu emphasized the importance of solving this mystery before someone gets hurt.

“We’ve set up cameras in the forest with the intent of capturing the activities on video,” said Predoiu. “Video evidence would be the holy grail of our investigation.”


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