Man Thinks This Season Has a Lot of Potential to Disappoint Him Down the Road


BOISE, ID — Anime fan Kenneth Jones is looking forward to seeing in what ways this season’s fresh crop of anime will slowly squander all of the potential that they started with.

“For me the appeal of anime is the cycles that the seasons inevitably go through,” Kenneth told us. “I pick up about 10 shows with strong premises or characters that seem like they could turn out to be really good. Then I watch as over the course of the season they go completely off the rails and don’t develop their characters at all before culminating in a complete non-ending that doesn’t follow up on any of the themes established in the beginning. It’s always a real roller coaster of emotions.”

“Granted, last season will be pretty hard to beat in terms of disappointment. We had Charlotte, which had a really good first episode and a great female lead before getting bogged down with the same structure every episode in the first half, then going completely insane in the second half with twists that made no sense and weren’t emotionally satisfying at all. We had Gangsta, which set up a really cool world and two compelling main characters before getting sidetracked with characters no one cared about and slowly falling apart before ending abruptly. And we had Gatchaman Crowds Insight, which really seemed like it was going to add complexity to the original’s message, but ultimately wound up completely invalidating it by going in the complete opposite direction by making humanity complete idiots. It was really impressive how so many shows that seemed like they would be good managed to completely shit the bed.”

“This season is full of cool shows that I’m sure will be awful by the time they end. One-Punch Man had such a great looking first episode, I can’t wait to see how it looks by the end when they’ve completely run out of budget. Osomatsu-san had a hilarious first episode that completely redefined the premise, so I’m looking forward to when it falls back into formula and becomes boring. There’s even a sequel to Noragami, my favorite show of 2014, which I’m sure will turn out just as well the sequels aired in 2014 to my favorite shows of 2013 and 2012, Log Horizon and Psycho-Pass.”

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