Production of Life-Size Gundam Statue Halted Due to Bad Nubs


TOKYO, Japan — Work on the Diver City 1:1 scale Gundam has been temporarily halted due to various problems in the construction. Local officials are concerned because the realistic Gundam statue attracts hundreds of visitors per day, and workers are scrambling to address the issue.

“I’ve never seen a project turn out this badly,” on-site worker Mamoru Oishhi told Anime Maru. “When we were taking the parts off the sprue, some of the guys didn’t even file down the nubs!”

“I don’t even wanna think about the posability of this thing,” he added while applying a matte finish to an armor skirt.

Much of the controversy stems from last weeks horrific “Antarctic Treaty” incident, where a nub on the chest vents redirected a stream of liquid nitrogen into an elderly woman’s face. The damage, while physical, left a lasting impact on her mental health, as she was later seen saying that “L-Gaim is Tomino’s best work.”

Project lead Yamasaki Kagaru refused to meet with our reporters — instead he stated, “I tried really hard, and I don’t care about your opinions. It didn’t need stickers to begin with.” When asked about the status of the panel lines, Mr. Kagaru threatened to call security.

While many were quick to blame Mr. Kagaru for the setbacks, video footage of the construction site reveal that several workers are adding their own personal touches that would have to rectified. “I just thought it’d be cool to give it a Titans paint scheme.” said Kiro Hamagawa while painting the head pitch black. “I don’t really care if it doesn’t match, Mr. Kagaru already ordered a 00 weapons pack.”

Bandai refused to comment on the status of the project, but did confirm that the second season of G Gundam would be out before the projected completion date of 0079.

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