Last Episode of Ore Monogatari Reveals Takeo Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

takeoPreviews for episode 24 of Ore Monogatari have surprised viewers by revealing that the finale centers around Gouda Takeo’s emergency visit to the hospital after a hypoglycemic attack at the end of episode 23, revealing that he has developed type 2 diabetes. The preview features a doctor explaining to Takeo that the effects of of Yamato’s constant sweets and pastries have finally taken their toll, and the rest of the episode will show Takeo’s adjustment to his life with diabetes.

Fans of Ore Monogatari have had mixed reactions to the episode.  Myanimelist user MoMonogatariMoMoe told reporters “I’ve always said that Takeo and Yamada’s relationship gives me diabetes, but I never thought it would actually give him diabetes. Moe is more dangerous than I thought.”

On the other hand, reddit user GIANT_PEEN enjoyed the episode, telling reporters, “Here I thought the constant repetition of Takeo enjoying Yamato’s sweets was a sign of the show falling into pattern and running out of ideas, but it was actually a clever set up for this eventual twist. That’s a brilliant shojo for you; always breaking the generic tropes and cliches with great developments such as diabetes.”

When asked about this ending, Madhouse had this to say:
“The point of this anime was not about the fun and drama of love or teen romance, it was to show the consequences of overeating sweets and serve as a diabetes PSA. Takeo’s massive size, while in many ways comical, also presents serious hazards to his health, and these are only exacerbated by regular sugar consumption. We’re sorry the fans got some sort of enjoyment out of this serious public service announcement.”

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