Russia Threatens Japan Over Recent ‘Cultural Appropriations’


MOSCOW, Russia – The Kremlin yesterday issued its second stern warning to Tokyo in recent months over what it called “Japan’s blatant appropriation of Russian culture for its anime industry.” The message came amid the current popularity of the anime Chaika the Coffin Princess, whose titular character, among others, is named after a Soviet car maker.

A similar warning was issued a few months ago over the anime World Conquest: Zvezda Plot, which Russia saw as “coming dangerously close to openly mocking President Putin’s foreign policy.”

However, Tokyo seemed unfazed. At a press conference today, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said: “If President Putin were so concerned about cultural appropriation, perhaps he wouldn’t have appointed a moe anime girl to the position of Crimean Prosecutor General.”

Meanwhile, President Obama was unavailable for comment due to his current involvement in playing Love Live: School Idol Festival on his phone.

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