Ryuuko Matoi Reveals Surprisingly Strong Feelings About Video Games Over Twitter


Earlier today, Twitter user @RealRyukoMatoi, whose description states she is the real Ryuuko Matoi from Kill la Kill, went into a 37-part Twitter rant about the translation of the Fire Emblem Fates games.

“LT: Fucking Nintendo man, first they take out major gameplay elements from Fire Emblem, then they make all the characters into total SJWs,” Ryuuko Matoi’s Twitter rant began, before criticizing the translation of the Nintendo game as well as the “social justice warrior propaganda of Undertale“, games that apparently exist within the world of Honnou City. “Undertale’s not even a game, dammit,” Ryuuko Matoi, character from the series Kill la Kill, tweeted to end the rant.

Some fans of Kill la Kill have expressed surprise at the contents of Ryuuko Matoi’s Twitter feed. “I never expected to see Ryuuko tweeting so fervently about video games. I mean, in the anime we never see her play any video games at all, but I don’t know, maybe she picked up the hobby from Inumuta after the series ended or something. Honestly, at first I wasn’t sure it was even her account, but the account’s name is RealRyukoMatoi and the avatar is her picture, so it must actually be her.”

Tweets such as this one have confused many fans in the Kill la Kill community

Tweets such as this one have confused fans in the Kill la Kill community on multiple levels

Meanwhile, other fans have already begun working @RealRyukoMatoi’s tweets into the canon. “We always assumed that if Ryuuko had access to Twitter she’d use it to post pictures of her and her friends and tweet things about her life. However, we now know that Ryuuko primarily spends her time picking fights with random people on the Internet about the portrayal of social issues in video games. It’s completely changed our perception of her character, but who are we to argue with the source material?”

Further exploration into the Kill la Kill cast members’ Twitter feeds has found that Satsuki Kiryuin primarily uses her account to post memes, Nonon Jakuzure is incredibly racist, and Mako Makanshou’s twitter consists entirely of pornographic pictures of herself.

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