Salvation Army Distributes Body Pillows to the Homeless for the Holidays

NEW YORK, NY – In a heartwarming act of charity, the Salvation Army has started a new program this holiday season to distribute body pillows to the homeless. Earlier this month, the Salvation Army began collecting donations of gently used body pillows in order to help provide the homeless with warmth and companionship throughout the winter. The charity program began in New York City this week where hundreds of character imprinted pillows were handed out to the city’s homeless population.

“It is unfortunate that not everyone has a warm bed to go back to or a family that still accepts them,” stated New York Salvation Army representative Elizabeth Williams. “A coat might keep someone physically warm in the winter, but it does nothing to help with the cold in their heart. The pillows come in to help fulfill a need which we find many of the homeless are missing.”

Before the program, many homeless would search through trash bins and dumpsters to find whatever they could, often settling with undesirable character choices which were thrown away by the previous owner. Those who could not find a pillow would be regulated to be alone for the winter, or worse yet, attempt to converse with another human being in an act of desperation.

“When you see a man dragging a half-stained Hestia dakimakura around, you can’t help but feel pity for the poor soul. We knew we could provide better than that,” Williams added.

Many who have received a pillow from the program so far appeared to be very grateful. Charity workers stated that the mood among the city’s homeless seemed to have improved immensely over the past week.

“She reminds me a lot of my daughter,” said one homeless man clenching a Chitoge Kirisaki body pillow. “She can be selfish and snappy at times, but you can tell she actually really cares about the people close to her. Was a lot like her mother in a way, well at least before she took everything away in the divorce.”

The Salvation Army hopes to expand the charity activity to other cities later in the winter. While the city has noted relative success with the program so far, it has started to observe an increase in beggar activity outside of the John F. Kennedy International Airport with many individuals strangely asking for spare flights to Tokyo rather than cash.

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