‘School Days’ Prequel Series to Explore Early Days of the Boat

NERIMA, Japan – Anime studio TNK has announced that a prequel series to School Days is now in production. The series will follow the early days of the boat that appears in the final episode.

“Whenever we happen to get on the Internet, what we hear about our series School Days is consistently related to how nice the boat from the series is,” director, Keitaro Motonaga told Anime Maru. “If people love the boat so much why not make more money, er… give otaku more of what they want!”

Staff for the series shared some of their plans for the new series.

“What you saw in the last episode of School Days was not the start of that boat’s journey, far from it,” said character designer Junji Gotou. “Do you know the process it takes for a boat to be built and ultimately certified in order to make it into operation? You will soon!”

Kyoto Animation has been confirmed to be involved in the animation and character design as well, raising the excitement of many anime fans.

“It’s going to be awesome to see all the girls in School Days animated by Kyoto Animation!” said otaku Rick McCann. “Wait, did you say it is just the boat?”

“Nice Boat!” said Twitter user BoatSlash.

“We’ve done swimming anime before but have always wanted to do a series focused exclusively on boats, which this project provides,” said Kyoto Animation president Hideaki Hatta. “We’re always happy to add on new projects that keep us from having to make Haruhi season 3.”

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