Scientists Craft Perfect 5/10 Anime to Help Guide User Ratings

Most anime fans agree that the hardest part of watching anime is the rating process.  You get to the end of the series and you know it was mostly trash — but was it normal trash, boring trash, or did it loop all the way back to so-bad-it’s-good?  Dr. Yawara Morimoto of Silver Labs has spent nearly a decade searching for solutions to this issue.

Since 2010, his research has focused on creating the most average anime possible so viewers can know by simple comparison whether any given show is bad or good.  Some of his past attempts include Battle Girl High School, Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, and Circlet Princess

On March 1, Dr. Morimoto called a press conference to preview what he believes to be his magnum opus: The Magi’s Grandson. It stars a random Japanese desk worker who gets hit by a truck before anyone even says his name. He gets reincarnated only to immediately receive a tragic backstory and is subsequently discovered by a mage so typical his name is literally Merlin. Merlin and takes the baby home to his wife, whose name is also dangerously close to Merlin.

The main character spends his childhood becoming the absolute best at magic and swords and crafting his face to maximize self-insertability, until he’s finally old enough to reach his final destination: high school.

According to crowd members interviewed, general opinion was that the show was “okay, but really not worth the effort.” Preliminary statistics show that the show is averaging a 7/10 rating on MyAnimeList, indicating this is yet another failure for Morimoto.

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