Scientists Create Horrifying ‘YanTsun’ Character with no Dere


TOKYO, Japan — The wards of Tokyo are on lockdown this week after a science lab based in Akihabara created an anime character with both Yan and Tsun personality traits but with no Dere to balance them out.

“It started out with a simple enough idea,” The only remaining scientist from the laboratory told our reporters. “We were arguing about what the best anime girl personality type was, Tsundere or Yandere, and then one of our scientists said ‘Why not both?’ and we immediately went to work. Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong. It seems the two Dere personality traits canceled each other out, leaving a character with only Tsun and Yan modes. As a result, we created a character who hates everyone, and also wants to murder everyone.”

“As soon as we created her she shouted, ‘It’s not like I like you for creating me or anything, baka,’ and then proved her words by murdering all of the scientists in the vicinity with an electrified meat carver. In retrospect, we probably should have started with less volatile test subjects than Yuno Gasai and Misaka Mikoto, but our judgment was clouded by our taste in best girls.

”We tried to get her under control by injecting her with personalities from other Dere archetypes, but it only made things worse. We injected samples of Dandere and Kuudere, hoping it would at least calm her down, but all that did was turn her personality cold. Now her anger has turned into icy fury, and she just has this emotionless expression on her face as she brutally mutilates our corpses. It’s both adorable and terrifying.”

At press time, the YanTsun character, affectionately nicknamed by scientists as “Tsun~nyan,” has already reached the number one spot on Newtype‘s most recent favorite characters poll.

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