Scientists Devise new Frieza-Based Unit of Power Measurement

TOKYO, Japan — Earlier today, Cap Lab’s Earth Defense Institute of Tokyo announced that they have devised an entirely new means of measuring energy output on a large scale. Dubbed the “Frieza”, this new unit is defined as the amount of energy needed to completely destroy a planet.

At the press conference announcing the new breakthrough in power level rating, when asked whether the new system would have any practical use one scientist from Cap Labs replied:

“It isn’t every day that our blue Earth is threatened by aliens bent on destroying us all, but when it is, we’ll be ready to attach a numerical value to that menace to make sure the people know just how much more terrifying they are then then any foe that has come before them.”

According to some reports, the scientists from Cap Labs devised the scale after noticing an alarming trend:  the power of each alien that had invaded the Earth in the past seemed to increase over time at an exponential rate. To keep track of the ever growing levels of earth-shattering energy these beings possess, the Frieza was put into place to keep track the large numbers that go along with them. “We chose Freiza as our baseline,” Dr. Pants, head of Cap Labs R&D Department explained. “Mostly because his power was just enough to destroy a single planet, from there it was easy enough to assign a fathomable number to pretty much every threat that could possibly assail the precious peace of our home planet.”

“For example, under this new scale Cell would be equivalent to 6 Freizas, whereas someone like God of Destruction Beerus would equal to about about 125 Freizas.”

The new scale is expected to make it much easier for normal citizens to understand the relative strength of beings who’s power was previously measured in the billions and trillions on a completely arbitrary scale that made no sense whatsoever. “Whoever came up with the old system was pretty much just throwing out bigger and bigger numbers out with no real rhyme or reason,” one scientist remarked. “it was pretty bad, honestly.”

As of press time the lab was said to be researching another unit currently dubbed the “GT.” Which would measure the relative anger of a person against that of a DBZ fan after mentioning the phrase “Dragon Ball GT is canon.”

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