Scientists Discover 5th Koma

TSUKUBA, Japan – A group of scientists have announced the discovery of a 5th koma, following a new research effort. This discovery has the potential to change anime and manga forever, according to trusted accounts from online users with anime avatars.

“Our lab was focused on discovering why 4-koma manga has such enduring popularity despite being criticized for weak character development and repetitive jokes,” said project lead scientist Dr. Kasuya Eiji. “In our experiments we found that when you change the sizes of the 4-koma in a certain way, a 5th koma can be unearthed.”

The addition of one more koma has researchers proposing what kind of effect it could have on the format. The change could lead to progression in character development, actually funny jokes, and a structure that doesn’t feel sporadic and disjointed as a whole.

Manga fans reacted to the news with great interest as to what the new discovery could mean for the future of their favorite medium.

“Some of my friends make fun of me for only reading simplistic manga, like 4-koma,” declared Twitter user CuteLolZKawaii213. “I’m sure a 5th koma will give my reading habits more prestige and my peers will never make fun of me again.”

“With that 5th koma the type of stories we could see in 4-koma manga has increased by almost 25%,” Twitter user Azumanager stated. “Finally science has accomplished something!”

Others manga fans online reacted to the announcement with skepticism.

“I’ll believe there can be 5 panels when I see it,” said Reddit user Manga4Me. “And I’m boycotting any manga that allegedly uses 5 panels so I never will.”

Anime Maru reached out to mangaka to see how they might use that 5th panel.

“Creating a 5th panel sounds like more work for my assistants, er, I mean me,” said one shounen mangaka who wished to remain anonymous. “I guess If we have a 5th panel it would be a good place for more product placement. Does anyone have Pizza Hut’s contact information?”

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