Scientists Struggle To Understand Why People Enjoy Yuri Kuma Arashi

Yuri Kuma why

A paper set to be published in the upcoming issue of the Japanese-American Journal of Science concludes that after weeks of exhaustive observation and study, scientists have been unable to pinpoint exactly why people enjoy the latest Kunihiko Ikuhara anime Yuri Kuma Arashi.

“After thousands of interviews, and structural and narrative analysis by a team of experts, we find ourselves unable to definitively determine why people enjoy this show,” states the paper. “There certainly seems to be nothing overtly wrong with it – the music, direction, characters, etc. all scored above average on our various metrics, but when explicitly asked to explain why they enjoy the show, respondents were at a loss.”

According to the researchers, when pressed for a definitive reason why they love the show, survey participants typically named peer pressure, positive blogger reviews, love of Ikuhara’s previous work, or lesbians.

Unlike previous such studies, Yuri Kuma Arashi lacks what researchers refer to as the Kirito Constant, which is the mathematical constant symbolizing a show’s awfulness:

“Previous inexplicably popular shows all possessed the common bad qualities exemplified in the Kirito Constant such as a terrible MC (typically an all-powerful protagonist who gets all the girls despite being a mopey douche), lame plot featuring deus ex machinas and ass-pulls, etc. However, unlike observed case studies such as SAO, Guilty Crown, OreImo, Mahouka, and others, Yuri Kuma‘s absence of the Kirito Constant implies that our standard model of anime is incomplete, and that there are as-of-yet undiscovered factors that can make a show popular for no apparent reason,” the paper concluded.

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