Scientists Warn Community Exhausting ‘Blend S’ Memes at Unsustainable Rate


ZURICH, Switzerland — An international summit of memeologists gathered today and warned the anime community that the current rate of Blend S OP memes was unsustainable, and the supply of the meme will run out in the near future.

“I have devoted my life to studying memes, but even I am astonished by how quickly this meme is running its course,” Dr. Jordan Steiner of the Copenhagen Institute of Particle Physics and Memes stated. He notes that the first parodies appeared shortly after the anime began airing more than a month ago. “We’re not even halfway into the season and we have already had an MS Paint version weeks ago.”

“There are only so many jokes that can be made with the format, especially since they are limited to starting with the letter ‘S’. All of the Jojo’s references were used up within the first week of the meme, and the clips just have gotten more and more tenuous from there. People have started resurrecting Vine memes for the format, which is never a good sign.”

The scientists have projected that at this rate the community will run out of Blend S memes long before the season has ended and the new season comes along to add new memes. “Once the Blend S meme well runs dry, the Animemes community will have to sustain itself on the dabbing part of Girl’s Last Tour and whatever fumes are left over from Gabriel Dropout. It’s not going to be pretty, but the Animemes crowd is very easily entertained so it will probably be fine.”

Within seconds of the scientists’ conference ending, it had already been mined by dozens of Twitter users for any word beginning with “S” to fit into the Blend S format.

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