Scott Morrison to Feature in Australian Release of ‘Promare’

The home release of Studio Trigger’s anime film Promare is still same time away, but distributor Madman Entertainment has already teased that the Australian release of the film would feature Prime Minister Scott Morrison as one of the characters.

The story of Promare revolves around a firefighting team and their investigations into the outbreaks of fire throughout their city. Morrison will voice the Governor of the city, Kray Foresight, who attempts to power a spacecraft at the expense of his own citizens in order to flee Earth, leaving the planet to be engulfed in flames.

“Normally we don’t change much in regards to the interpretation of imported anime features,” stated Promotion Manager of Madman Entertainment Jessica Carter. “But for this regional release of Promare, we wanted to find a way that Aussies could better relate to the idea of a governing body screwing over the populace and the planet for their own personal gain. By doing so, I think we can really better bring out the tension and the theme of global consequences in the film.”

Due to his busy holiday schedule, Morrison will not be personally lending his voice to the film; instead the Prime Minister’s voice will be recreated through the use of prior voice samples. Despite the limitations of compiling together various audio recordings, Madman has stated that more than enough samples exist to portray the arrogant nature of the film’s antagonist.

The Australian home release of Promare is not expected to begin shipments until later in winter of this year. Those worried about the long wait were reminded that there is some good cricket to focus on in the meantime.

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