Second Presidential Debate Cancelled, Replaced by Filler Arc

The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced that it will not be airing the second episode of the 2020 US Presidential Debates this week.

Viewers were left in confusion after the first episode which featured the two main characters spending most of the runtime attempting to talk over one another. Many commented that they had hoped the next episode would provide some sort of clarity as to the main premise of the series.

The Commission stated that the reason for the cancellation was to allow time for the source material of the Trump arc, 4chan shitposts and boomer Facebook groups, to catch up with the televised series. In the meantime, the series will enter an alternative arc before resuming the main storyline.

Known as the “Superspreader Arc”, the side story follows one of the main characters as he organizes large-scale rallies without health precautions in the middle of a pandemic. Episodes are notable for mostly consisting of long rambling speech segments. Viewers have criticized the arc for its seemingly aimless narrative and repetition, with the main lead making constant references to past characters who haven’t played a major role in the storyline for nearly 4 years.

“He keeps mentioning the Hilary character all the time,” said seasonal anime watcher Thomas Jarmin. “She hasn’t even been a big part of the story since last season. You’d think they could at least do something a little more creative.”

“I’m still disappointed that they killed off Sanders in the prequel,” viewer Richard Mattox told Anime Maru. “The entire series has been on a decline since then.”

Taking feedback into consideration, the Commission has stated that they will be attempting to cut down the amount of dialogue in future episodes. Despite the effort, many anime fans have said that they have already lost hope that the series will be able to recover and would be dropping it in favor of other seasonal shows.

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