Second Season of ‘One Punch Man’ Features Anime Original Character Two Punch Man

Fan reactions to the currently airing second season of One Punch Man have been mixed, with a majority of criticism focusing on the newly introduced character Two Punch Man. Debuting in 2015, One Punch Man takes place in a universe where being a superhero is an everyday profession (and isn’t My Hero Academia). The show follows the adventures of Saitama, a plain and unassuming individual who is actually the most powerful hero alive, able to eliminate any opponent with a single punch.

The show became an instant success, but the hype and excitement has not been replicated in this season’s sequel. Viewers have complained about the departure from the manga as well as the lack of originality in Saitama’s new superhero sidekick, who can eliminate any opponent by landing two punches.

Two Punch Man, who honed his skills by doing 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, 50 squats, and running 5 kilometers every day, seems to lack the impact of many of the other characters in the show.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Genos was a better sidekick,” One Punch Man fan Nogaru Yuuichi told Anime Maru.

“But I guess I’d rather have him than Metal Knight.”

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