Second US Presidential Debate to Take Place in Hot Springs


ST. LOUIS, MO — Earlier today, the campaign teams of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have confirmed that the second presidential debate will take place on Sunday, October 9 in a hot spring bath. Citing a mixed public reaction to the first debate, both candidates hoped that the fanservice associated with hot springs would liven the process and draw new viewers to watch.

The debate will take the form of a town hall meeting, where half of the questions will be posed directly by citizen participants. If a candidate answers unsatisfactorily, the audience is encourage to act embarrassed, yelling “iyaaa!~” before throwing a washtub towards the offending candidate’s head.

For decency reasons, strategically placed steam will cover the private parts of both candidates, though organizers have hinted at an uncensored version to be available in the future on Blu Ray.

“Hot springs! I love hot springs! I have the best fans and the best fan service!” Republican nominee Donald Trump told reporters. “I’ll beat Hillary in the mixed baths, then I’ll beat her at drinking cold milk and ping pong afterward.”

Both campaigns at press time were reportedly considering having the third debate take place at either the beach or a nighttime festival.

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