‘Senko-San’ Somehow Not Pornography Despite Premise

The end of the 2019 spring anime season has brought with it many (thigh) highs, many lows, and whatever the hell One Punch Man season 2 ended up being. But one particular anime has engrossed its audience with the fact that it, by all logic, should have been the most perverted show ever produced for television in Japan.

The title in question is none other than Helpful Fox Senko-San. In this manga adaption, the title character, a 800 year old fox girl dressed like a shrine maiden, appears on the doorstep of a thirty-something salary man and instantly decides that she will take care of him. From there, the tiny fox girl cooks, cleans, and otherwise acts like a mother to the man despite possessing the body of a ten year old girl.

“When I read the description of the show on anime charts, I thought that it had to be some kind of erotic anime,” anime fan Robert Jackson told Anime Maru. “Between the main character being a loli, mother, fox girl, and a shrine maiden on top of it all there was simply no way it could be anything else.”

“But when the show actually premiered, it was nothing but a fox girl doing motherly things and looking after some single loser for 22 minutes. If I wanted to experience that, I’d just stay at my parents place for the weekend or something.”

While many have been disappointed with Senko-san’s seemingly pornographic premise not living up to their erotic imagination, Senko-san has seen success among many anime fans. Reasons for those who enjoy the show, as found by a survey published by Anime Maru, include those who wished to fluff Senko-san’s tail and ears, people who use the word loli on a regular basis, and those who had watched the show by accident assuming it to be a spin-off of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

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