Sentai Filmworks Gatchaman Crowds Blu-Ray To Be Audio Only


HUSTON, TX – The upcoming Sentai Filmworks Blu-ray release of the anime Gatchaman Crowds will have no video and instead feature just the dubbed English language audio tracks. According to Sentai, this is due to circumstances beyond their control.

“We just couldn’t find the damn discs we got sent from Japan,” said a statement on Sentai’s website. “We swore we put them in the proper pile but we looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. Anyway stop complaining and buy the damn thing. Do you want to support this industry or not, assholes?”

According to reports, the Blu-ray set was originally priced at $69.99 but Sentai has reportedly decided to increase the price to $129.99 simply because they are annoyed at having lost the video tracks.

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